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    Well, I was bored, so I decided to make an elimination prediction. But be warned: THERE BE SPOILERS.

    All right, so for the first challenge, Lee was eliminated.

    15th place: Lee.

    The next challenge is about acting, and Zobe has already made a "Coming Soon" mini-comic. It looks like either Mike, Amy or Sarah will be out in this one. Well, since she is my favorite character, I refuse to admit Sarah is going to be eliminated in this episode. (Yes, I'm stubborn like that) So, I think the Screwdrivers will lose, and Amy will be eliminated. (Mike is the co-author of the comic, so he can't be eliminated this early)

    14th place: Amy.

    Next up is Food Pasting, some sort of history challenge. By now, the Drills is the only team without an elimination, so I thiā€¦

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