I'll do one of these every weeks. I'll use logic to try and decide what the next elimination will be. Here we go:

Extremely Safe: Farmer Sam, Shane, Crissie, Amy, Hannah, and Liz. The reason I have these 6 safe is because if one of them left, it would leave their team with a huge gender imbalance and I don't believe that that would happen early on.

Should Be Safe: Jim, Charlotte, Mody, Mike, Dave, Rosie. Although there is no number logic to keep them safe, each of these contestants seem to either very popular or relevant to a plot. For this reason, I'd be stunned if any of them left in the first episode. By that logic, I can assume that the Screwdrivers will be safe this week.

Should Be Worried: Sarah. She seems to have potential to be the first girl gone from the game. However, since there are more guys and girls in the competition, I do predict a guy to be the first one to leave. That leaves her safe for the time being.

In Trouble: Jordan, Lee. Based on logic, it appears to me that the Hammers are going to be the first to lose. The Screwdrivers won't lose because a guy must leave first from their team, and each guy on the team likely has a plot that will important for more than an episode. Since it's doubtful that a girl will be the first to leave and a girl will likely be the first to leave from The Drills, I think that they are safe. That leaves the Hammers as the most likely to lose. Hannah and Liz will more than likely be safe. Jim seems to be the most popular character and I doubt they'd eliminate him first. That leaves Lee and Jordan.

My Prediction: Lee. Even though it looks like he may have some plot with Mody and Amy is his sister, it could expire quickly. And Jordan seems to make it to at least episode 3, being radioactive. So it doesn't matter if there is an elimination in "Induction Day" or if it is in "Chris Blinded Us With Science." My prediction for the first to leave is Lee.

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