• The Cartoon

    I wasn't going to make a full prediction since we don't know much, but if I made a Total Drama Reloaded prediction from logic without even knowing the characters completely, I can make a TDC prediction. This will be really detailed so prepare for a long read.

    First off, I can make a few observations. There are 15 contestants and 3 teams.

    Screaming Sorority: Charlotte, Farmer Sam, Rosie/Ruby, Sarah/Lulu, Shane/Drake. (3 girls, 2 guys)

    Fighting Fratboys: Amy, Crissie, Dave, Mike/Connor, Mody (3 guys, 2 girls)

    Daredevil Dorms: Hannah, Jim, Jordan, Lee/Cory, Liz (3 guys, 2 girls)

    With this information I can assume that a girl will leave first from the sorority, and a guy will leave first from the Fratboys and Dorms. In addition, I can assume that a…

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  • The Cartoon

    I'll do one of these every weeks. I'll use logic to try and decide what the next elimination will be. Here we go:

    Extremely Safe: Farmer Sam, Shane, Crissie, Amy, Hannah, and Liz. The reason I have these 6 safe is because if one of them left, it would leave their team with a huge gender imbalance and I don't believe that that would happen early on.

    Should Be Safe: Jim, Charlotte, Mody, Mike, Dave, Rosie. Although there is no number logic to keep them safe, each of these contestants seem to either very popular or relevant to a plot. For this reason, I'd be stunned if any of them left in the first episode. By that logic, I can assume that the Screwdrivers will be safe this week.

    Should Be Worried: Sarah. She seems to have potential to be the firs…

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