College deadline friday and a lotta work to do so the next update will have to be later this week, possibly the weekend. Sorry guys, but you have just had a burst of comics so hope you're happy with that :D Thanks for editing!

Um, LOT of questions about the characters been I guess I'll put up some trivia!

Hannah Roberts is 17

Jim Richards is 19

Jordan Davis is 16

Lee Prior is 21

Liz Barton is 16

Amy Prior is 16

Crissie Jones is 17

Dave Jarman is 24

Mike Mattucci is 19

Mody Ringer is 16

Charlotte Bray is 18

Farmer Sam Pritchard is 18

Rosie Vernon is 17

Sarah Bumford is 18

Shane Guineay is 18

As for the people they are based on. (Remember Jordan's character was turned from black to white due to racial complaints)

Anyways, hope you like that!

Feedback and comments are all read and appreciated, so thanks!

Talk soon - Zobe~

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