I've decided to make a contest, first to get you interested as it's what you care about most of course, THE PRIZES!!

FIRST PLACE Full Total Drama style scene with a maximum of 4 characters,an expression sheet of your TD OC along with a full body shot. Also, a TDC cameo for one character.

SECOND PLACE 3 custom poses, an Expression sheet and full body shot of your TD OC

THIRD PLACE an expression sheet and full body shot of your TD OC.

The contest? Draw a picture of something TDC related, any amount of characters, with any other character. Winners wont just be voted on drawing talent but also storyline and imagination.

DEADLINE - October 1st.

Hope to see some entries soon! :D -- Zobe Total Drama College, the Comic! UBArt 01:11, September 3, 2010 (UTC)