Ok guys, what's up. Chapter 2 should be done in a week or so! Anyways for now, I'm part of a website where if designs you make are popular enough, they get made into figurines and sold online. I'm putting up the TDC cast. But for this to work, I'm going to need ALL of you guys to help! :D

I'm submitting only 5 at a time. So there will be 3 sets, but here's what I've put forward.


Jordan is being held back to 2nd set. But I need YOU guys to sign up to and vote for the characters and give your support. They only get made if there's enough attention given. When Mike, Mody, Rosie, Sarah and Hannah's support is done. I'll add the next 5: Dave, Jordan, Crissie, Charlotte, Jim.

My username is Zobe. So become a fan of me so you know when the figures are up. Please take 5 minutes out to do this guys. It means a lot and it makes the hours I put into TDC so..EXCITING XD (Though I do enjoy it).

Thanks guy!

~ Zobe

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