Hey everyone, sorry it's been so long. I'll get those backgrounds up for you soon, and page 2 is on it's wa. Some stuff been going on here lately. For one, we have got SO much snow here, it's insane. I'm sat in college with a nice hot cuppa tea though, playing music on the computers, so it's all goooood. In other news I'll be interviewing the people the TDC cast were based on, so please, post questions you want answered to each person here. I'll put them up when they're done. So, I'll need your feedback on that. The Hannah figurine still needs vote to be made, so please go and vote for me, we need as many as possible!

No images this time since I'm in college. but Carolyn, Finlay and Emma will be revealed soon, so tell me what you want to know about those guys. =D

Thanks y'all! =D

- Zobe

PS. I have read all your messages, I'll reply when I get some time XD

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