Yes, we've planned season 2 already and yes, it's early. But TDC1 is completely thought out. Every elimination, relationship, conflict, challenge etc. SO planning 2 to be amazing whilst drawing 1 is a good plan.

Some answers to some obvious questions.

1) TDC2 is TDC but not Total Drama COLLEGE. It's Total Drama C_______ (something else)

2) 6 contestants will be returning, I'm not saying who.

3) These are once again loosely based off people I know.


Aled - The Private Student
Dixon - The Geeky Weeabo
Ellie - The Rocker Tomboy
Jess - The Quiet Germaphobe
Joseph - The Political Pest
Nik - The Perfect Russian
Pia - The Conspiracy Theorist
Tamar - The Chillaxed Chick
Yuki - The Over Optimistic

Hope you enjoy! (TDC1's first chapter will probably be out next week!)

Zobe out!

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