So, a lot of you may have noticed I have redrawn Induction Day. I'm also currently working on Chris Blinded Us With Science, and yes, every character has been drawn differently. I will say the changes.

EVERYONE - Smaller heads, more proportionate, outlines fixed.

Amy - Slightly taller.

Charlotte - new torso, bigger breasts, thinner face, longer hair.

Crissie - Larger breasts, thinner torso, thinner legs, taller, longer hair.

Dave - Shorter.

Farmer Sam - Wardrobe change, shorter.

Hannah - New torso, larger breasts, wider hips, longer, thinner legs, taller.

Jim - taller.

Jordan - Bluer hair.

Lee - Shorter, new shorts.

Liz - Taller, Wider hips, shorter torso, new legs, redrawn body.

Mike - thinner, sideburns instead of mutton chops, wider sunglasses.

Mody - thinner, shorter, longer bangs, smaller feet.

Rosie - taller.

Sarah - Taller, longer legs, larger breasts, longer neck.

Shane - wardrobe change, thinner arms, new hat, longer hair.

So, hope you like. I will resume with Radioactors when I'm caught back up. It won't take long cause I use the old poses to make new ones.


I need voices for TDC. Go here for info and to hear the characters voices


~Zobe out!

(PS. Thanks for the work on the site, comments and activity. It makes making the comic so worth while, you guys rock!)

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