Hey! I'm working on the front cover for Chapter 3 as we speak. It will have Mody, Liz, Jordan, Hannah, Rosie and dominantly, Sarah on it. So hope you look forward to that. I hope y'all liked Chapter 2, and though I find it hard to reply, I LOVE all the feedback you guys give, it keeps me going X3

Anyway, it's not totally animated, but here's an animatic for the BEST OF LEE

thumb|400px|left|Best of Lee

Since a lot of you like to make your own stuff, I'll add the elimination room backgrounds for y'all, honestly, if you want to see anything like poses etc. Just ask and I'll update!

As for recolouring my characters for yourselves and stuff like that, go RIGHT ahead, I just ask that you show me what you've done and give credit. Thanks so much guys! Hope you liked the elimination!

-- Zobe Total Drama College, the Comic! UBArt 04:16, December 5, 2010 (UTC)

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