• TheZobe


    August 3, 2011 by TheZobe

    Well, it's finally here! SORT OF.

    The first 10 pages are going to be released over the course of the next few days.

    As I continue to complete this 2 in 1 chapter. It's taking a while. So I'll give you the character intros.

    The comics will be on smackjeeves, but this wiki is under construction. There will be banners and such leading to the first page of each chapter, and the smackjeeves page leads back here for fanart and characters and that is under construction too. Enjoy whats there!

    Zobe out!

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    July 7, 2011 by TheZobe

    Name: Amy Prayor

    Likes: Her family.

    Dislikes: People hurting those close to her.

    Known for: Hurting all close to her by accident, also being very man-ish.

    Why TDC? To show she's strong, nice and able to get money to be a nurse!

    Amy has grown up in a home with five older brothers and their stressed out mother, due to this, Amy was thrown into many sibling scraps. Being surrounded by rowdy older brothers constantly has given Amy two traits, the first being she's very strong and athletic, though unfortunately she isn't all too aware how strong she is. The second is being the baby of the family, she has a somewhat child-like demeanor about her, which luckily has made her compassionate and loving, especially to her family. Amy auditioned for TDC in…

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  • TheZobe

    Season 2

    June 30, 2011 by TheZobe

    Yes, we've planned season 2 already and yes, it's early. But TDC1 is completely thought out. Every elimination, relationship, conflict, challenge etc. SO planning 2 to be amazing whilst drawing 1 is a good plan.

    Some answers to some obvious questions.

    1) TDC2 is TDC but not Total Drama COLLEGE. It's Total Drama C_______ (something else)

    2) 6 contestants will be returning, I'm not saying who.

    3) These are once again loosely based off people I know.

    4) LABELS.

    Aled - The Private Student
    Dixon - The Geeky Weeabo
    Ellie - The Rocker Tomboy
    Jess - The Quiet Germaphobe
    Joseph - The Political Pest
    Nik - The Perfect Russian
    Pia - The Conspiracy Theorist
    Tamar - The Chillaxed Chick
    Yuki - The Over Optimistic

    Hope you enjoy! (TDC1's first chapter will probably be…

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    It begins...again

    June 27, 2011 by TheZobe


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    Moar stuff!

    May 19, 2011 by TheZobe

    Ok, so..update. Animator is now getting to work and episode 1 is in production, this takes time though. So you may be forced to wait a month to see episode 1. :)

    Anyways, due to reasons of possible profit on merch we MIGHT sell. We had to change the names of the contestants who look too much like their real counterparts. Characters names now are.

    Amy - Amy

    Charlotte - Charlotte

    Crissie - Crissie

    Dave - Dave

    Farmer Sam - Farmer Sam

    Hannah - Hannah

    Jim - Jim

    Jordan - Jordan

    Lee - Cory

    Liz - Liz

    Mike - Malcolm

    Mody - Mody

    Rosie - Ruby

    Sarah - Lulu

    Shane - Drake

    Team names are different too (oops lots of changes)

    Drills - Screaming Sorority

    Screwdrivers - Fighting Fratboys

    Hammers - Daredevil Dorms



    Charlotte - Ge…

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