• Reddude

    Predictions yadda.

    December 7, 2010 by Reddude

    Hi, guys! Reddy here, making my own little rankings! xD ‘Kay, soLee is revealed to be our first drop-out (Why refer to the master as a loser? Besides, I like drop-out better.) So, based on that, these ranking will be from 14th place an on. These are MY opinions. You have an opinion of your own or disagree with me? Make a different blog. Anywho, onward.

    14th Place: Crissie

    Next episode is Radioactors. Crissie seems like the actress type, so she’d probably try to lead the Screwdrivers to victory, but ultimately fails. Plus, this would open some head-on-head conflict with Charlotte and Shane, seeing as Shane judge Lee before his elimination.

    13th Place: Amy

    The Screwdrivers will lose again in history, considering three of its members aren’t too …

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