I love making predictions! So I thought that I'd make my first one for this series. I am also going to include Emma, Finlay, and Carolynn.

Character Analysis

Amy -I'm neutral towards Amy. She only amuses me sometimes. While her natural clumsiness is funny, I think it gets old after a while. In my opinion she is likely to go early.

Carolynn -I honestly think she will be a funny character. I hope she will be a female Noah. And I hope that people don't dislike her.

Charolette -Meh. She seems pretty funny at times, but the way she cuts off Crissie ALL the time is a bit unfair, in my opinion. I hope Zobe changes that a little. I think she will be good at challenges and she will stick around for a while. She's likely to go midway or far.

Cory -I'm SO thankful for the name change. It suits him better. But to me he seems a bit self-absorbed, am I right? But if he's supposed to be a jock, then why haven't we seen so many jockey Cory scenes? I don't think he should be eliminated first, maybe second, but not first. Likely to early or midway.

Crissie -She seems like another Courtney, but for some reason I don't hate her...yet. I hope she wins, even though she's not my favorite (it's Lulu BTW, just look at my user name, but it was before she was named Lulu), she deserves it. Likely to go far.

Dave -It's not that I hate him, it's just that....ok I hate him. He is a disgusting slob, who never showers, and isn't funny to me. Likely to go early.

Drake -Oh, the antagonist. He seems pretty interesting. Though I don't know much about him. I think he will be, ok at challenges, but stronger at the challenges that involve mentally thinking. Likely to go far.

Emma - She seems funny, despite the fact that we know little about her. I just hope she doesn't end up like Blaineley.

Farmer Sam -

Finlay -

Hannah -

Jim -

Jordan -

Liz -

Lulu -

Malcolm -

Mody -

Ruby -

Total Drama College Predictions

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