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  • Lulucas777

    I love making predictions! So I thought that I'd make my first one for this series. I am also going to include Emma, Finlay, and Carolynn.

    Amy -I'm neutral towards Amy. She only amuses me sometimes. While her natural clumsiness is funny, I think it gets old after a while. In my opinion she is likely to go early.

    Carolynn -I honestly think she will be a funny character. I hope she will be a female Noah. And I hope that people don't dislike her.

    Charolette -Meh. She seems pretty funny at times, but the way she cuts off Crissie ALL the time is a bit unfair, in my opinion. I hope Zobe changes that a little. I think she will be good at challenges and she will stick around for a while. She's likely to go midway or far.

    Cory -I'm SO thankful for the na…

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