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  • LandryC

    15th-Jordan (his bragging will due him in)

    14th-Hannah (she didn't wanna be there in the first place!)

    13th-Shane (he may only speak like once or twice than give some rant about how useless everyone on his team is before he's voted off)

    12th-Dave (Mody might have had enough of his lack of being clean)

    11th-Sarah (her team might get annoyed with her complaining)

    10th-Lee (he might wimp out in a challenge causing his team to lose or getting seriously injured)

    9th-Liz (I have nothing against her, but she may annoy Chris to no end causing him to kick her out)

    8th-Jim (might be a possible ememy to Charlotte since he's a judgemental person and she hates judgemental people)

    7th-Amy (she might end up as a possible threat and be eliminated)

    6th-Crissie (as …

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  • LandryC

    Total Drama World Tour Redux!

    September 7, 2010 by LandryC

    Hey everyone check out my wiki

    this is also my very first story! so please read it, comment on it and help me out with certain things

    thanx! Harley+Mody=AWSM!!!~Total Drama College RULES!?! 04:57, September 7, 2010 (UTC)

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