Hello TDCWIKI users.

I am very happy for all of our hardwork done to our super cool awesome fantastic wiki. We recently made it through our first episode and it looks great. I can`t wait for the next episode. Also you guys rock for helping out. I was thinking we should have guessing contest and what the next subject in an episode would be. Who agrees. It doesn`t matter wheter your a rollback, admin or regular user. As long as you edit good your cool here. There`s also no such thing as a bad edit, other then vandalism O.o. Anyway also i`m gonna try to make a forum where you can put your username down under who you think is gonna win. Only one though. Then we will see who wins. I`m supporting Liz, my favorite. But you can do who you think is gonna win. Thanks for helping, you guys rock. Keep it up. Also Zobey you are one good artist. (Claps for my buddy Zobey) Thank you guys very much. Please tell me how to make a forum too. Bye bye users


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