• Jake R

    Give Zobey a break please

    October 6, 2010 by Jake R

    Hi Tdifan24 in the house. Alright. Lately i`ve been seeing users saying "c`mon zobe where`s the comic" or "it`s been forever". I need to say a few things about that. One, Zobey is sick. We all get sick. Two, how would you like it if you were doing a looney tunes comic and Zobe told you to hurry up. Third, it`s disrespect. Fourth, I wanna see the comic to but at least I can wait. All i`m saying is we`ll ban you if we have too. Just please chill out. Thank you Tdifan24

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  • Jake R

    I`ve been thinking and....

    September 25, 2010 by Jake R

    Dear TDCWIKI Users and Dakotacoons,

    I`ve been thinking and I am gonna leave the wiki or at least be inactive. You know why? School that`s why! 7th grade is killing me. School, Problems with family, and my fanfiction (Total Drama Camping) are keeping me from here, although no one reads my story. So if you need me always contact me by talkpage. I`ll be in the IRC but not as much. I also have to work on an entire wiki because somebody here is an admin on FF wiki who banned me. I`m not gonna say who (Shane) but i`m over it. I will basically be working with school and my stories. I`m sorry to tell you this. Please come to the wiki to

    Wiki link:



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  • Jake R

    Congratulations TDCWIKI

    September 6, 2010 by Jake R

    Hello TDCWIKI users.

    I am very happy for all of our hardwork done to our super cool awesome fantastic wiki. We recently made it through our first episode and it looks great. I can`t wait for the next episode. Also you guys rock for helping out. I was thinking we should have guessing contest and what the next subject in an episode would be. Who agrees. It doesn`t matter wheter your a rollback, admin or regular user. As long as you edit good your cool here. There`s also no such thing as a bad edit, other then vandalism O.o. Anyway also i`m gonna try to make a forum where you can put your username down under who you think is gonna win. Only one though. Then we will see who wins. I`m supporting Liz, my favorite. But you can do who you think is …

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  • Jake R

    Some things I need to say

    September 2, 2010 by Jake R

    Hey it`s buddy Jake (Tdifan24). Alright here`s my rant. Even if you spell Counsillor as Counselor in your country, like me, were leaving it as Councillor because the comic is from UK and that`s how you spell it. So i ask you no changing please. If you have any questions, contact a rollback/admin. Thank you. Jake signing off.



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  • Jake R

    Alright.Some users have done this and i thought why not me.Your thoughts may differ and you can post a comment of that but not in a mean way.I`ve done to much rollback work with trying to get the highest editcount,which i now have so i wanna relax and do a blog.Here are my predictions:









    8.Charoltte (Jim returns)

    7.Farmer Sam



    4.Jim again




    Stay here for updates

    Tdifan24.Major Liz Fan!!!!! LIZ ROX

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