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    Okay, so I saw the way TheCartoon did his Predictions, so I'll do mine a bit differently. Each episode I will do my prediction on who I think wil be eliminated, based on their team and plot neediness.

    Charlotte: ~15% - I can see everyone on her team hating her, but with Shane probably being able to manipulate her, she will stay a while.

    Farmer Sam: ~10% - His character needs to evolve as to why he doesn't want to be a farmer.

    Rosie: ~5% - Her and Mike's Conflict needsto evolve a bit more.

    Sarah: ~35% - She seems like she doesn't have any more character left in her.

    Shane: ~0% - He is the antagonist. There is no way he is going first.

    In Danger: Sarah and Charlotte

    Who Would Be Eliminated: Sarah. Charlotte needs to stay a while to further develop …

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