Okay cause I'm a critical person I'm gonna do reviews! Don't judge me. Also I'll have a seprate message at the bottom. Sif you wiki snappy comments read!

Okay the opening sounded like Chris. I mean when He laughed I'm like does he know this dude? Hannahs fatal attempt to leave was hilarious and her just sleeping on the ground was great!. Chris's Alrighty then was win. Jordan gloating and ten just falling onto the ground was epic. Jim came in randomly but made points from that right over with some epic lines.Mody is just like me overly enthusiastic ands trips at random points. I wonder if he's in the club? ANywhoot. Jim made me laugh Again. Jim will be an easy fAN FAVORITE. Dave sort of grosses me out in a funny way. Yet he should tone it dow a bit it sorta scares me yet I do think he's funny yet not a fav. I'm not a fan at cussing so this got me a little distressed. Sarah and amy's entrance bugged me I hate loudness so like Hannah and Jim it a annoyed me yet I do find Sarah's expressions histarical. Chris also had me laughinf wih the ear plugs. Chrissie and Charlotte greeting was great andf Charlotte talking and interupting then hating Mody for it was awesome.

(more to come)

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