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Total Drama College Season 2

Country of Origin

Portland, Maine


Reality TV/Comedy/Comic/Cartoon

Created by

TheZobe and Mike Mattucci





Preceded by

Total Drama College

Succeeded by


Total Drama College Season 2 is the second season of Total Drama College.


The creator mentioned that the name of the second season of Total Drama College won't be Total Drama College, but it would be Total Drama C_____. The name was never revealed, but it is known that it will begin with a C.


The creator mentioned that 8 characters will return from Total Drama College. It is unknown which are the 8 returning characters. The rest would be new characters. only 2 new characters were revealed: Ellie and Jess.

Arrive Edit

All The 2nd Graduation Season Cast Are Arrive To Total drama College in Orders: Dixon, Yuki, Pia, Ollie, Emily, Aled, Tamar, Nik, Mary, Jenkins, Ellie, And Jess. (And Also Joseph, Maybe? and he's in Season 1 the last season.)


The teams are unknown.


The episodes are unknown.

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