Total Drama College Elimination Table

# Student Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Merged 8


The Daredevil Dorms IN WIN
2nd Crissie The Fighting Fratboys IN RUNNER-UP
3rd Mody Fighting Fratboys IN LOST & OUT
4th Amy Fighting Fratboys IN IN IN
5th Charlotte Screaming Sorority IN WIN
6th Drake Screaming Sorority IN WIN IN WIN
7th Connor The Fighting Fraboys IN IN WIN
8th Jim Daredevil Dorms IN LOW WIN
9th Joseph The Screaming Sorority IN WIN IN OUT
10th Liz Daredevil Dorms IN IN IN OUT
11th Farmer Sam The Screaming Sorority IN IN OUT
12th Dave Fighting Fratboys IN IN IN OUT

13th Ruby The Screaming Sorority IN WIN LOW QUIT
14th Hannah Daredevil Dorms IN IN WIN OUT
15th Lulu Screaming Sorority IN WIN OUT
16th Cory Daredevil Dorms IN OUT

(Green) WIN = This contestant was on the winning team. (Ep. 2 - Chris Blinded Us With Science)

(Light Blue) IN = Their team came in 2nd in the challenge and didn't have to attend the elimination ceremony. (Ep. 2 - Chris Blinded Us With Science)

(No Color) IN = This contestant attended the elimination ceremony but didn't get eliminated. (Ep. 2 - Chris Blinded With Science)

(Orange) LOW = This contestant was in the bottom two at the elimination ceremony.

(Red) OUT = This contestant was eliminated in this episode.

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