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Total Drama College

Country of Origin

Great Britian


Reality TV/Comedy/Comic

Created by

TheZobe and Mike Mattucci


The Daredevil Dorms
The Fighting Fratboys


Jordan or Charlotte

Suceeded by

Tremar Pollard

Total Drama College is a comic created by TheZobe and Mike Mattucci. It is held at a College Campus and, it is host by Chris McLean. The comic features 22 contestants competing with each other in college-themed challenges for a grand prize of 1 million dollars.


the teams are the masters of all - stars, the scaredy jackers,and the salon slicers


particpant team status Placing


The Daredevil Dorms 1st voted out in Chris Blinded Us With Science 22nd non merged


See: Characters

The main cast

Total Drama College has 22 contestants, 10 girls and 12 boys along with the host, all seen on the right. Go to"Characters" to see individual profiles.

Total Drama College
[[Image:!Aled.png center|250px]]

The Original SeriesEdit

See: Original Series

Before the currently version of Total Drama College, we had 3 verisons. The first one, had a totally different style and, a different host caled Robert Loupart. They were competing for 10,000 Pounds. In the second and third version, the style was totally different, similar to the current. They were almost the same, but, with diffent team names.


See: Places

Total Drama College has many different locations as it has many different rooms. Go to places to see a list of different places to appear so far.


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