The article is for the conflict between Shane and Lee.


Shane calling Lee an idiot.


This conflict is one sided and is based around Lee flipping the bus over while Shane still in it. After the bus incident Shane has resented Lee for everything he does, even though Lee is kind and caring towards him. Lee sometimes shows hosility towards Shane as he doesn't like his bad attitude towards him.

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Total Drama CollegeEdit

Induction DayEdit

When Lee first arrives, he is trying to be the master, so he tries to flip the bus with Shane in it. Shane calls him an idiot.

Chris Blinded Us With ScienceEdit

In Chris Blinded Us With Science, Lee introduces himself to Shane but Shane just glares at him and makes

Shane denies Lees offer

snooty remarks about Lee flipping the bus when he was still inside. Later while in the forest Lee, holding Hannah, is running away from vicious Baboons. Shane, in the bushes, secretly plans to get everyone to turn against Lee by getting him to leave Hannah in the woods alone. Lee runs off after Shane offers to get Hannah to the finish line. While walking through the woods Shane calls Lee dull and taunts his nickname "The Master" behind his back. When everyone finds out that The Hammers are going to elimination, Shane tells everyone that Lee should be going because he left Hannah in the forest while trying to get away from a baboon. In the end it was Shane's fault that Lee was eliminated that episode.

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Chris Blinded Us With ScienceEdit

When Lee runs off he tells Shane that he rules.


  • Lees elimination was caused by Shane.