Screaming Sorority
Gender Female
Hair color Red(Possibly dyed)
Eye color Black
Episode Eliminated Freeze it
Place 15th (Until Cancelled From Series, Maybe?)
Friends Lulu, Mody, Joseph (Maybe =)
Enemies Crissie, Charlotte, Chris McLean, Connor, Drake
Ruby, labeled the Opinionated Redhead, is a student in Total Drama College. (Until cancelled from series, Maybe?) Stand-off-ish and awkward around new people. She's ambitious, defensive and headstrong. Random at times.Ruby wants very badly to live a normal, everyday, boring life, but that just never seems to happen. Ruby is on the fine line between sane and crazy, she believes she has the largest amount of common sense around and is a sane girl in a crazy world, but she does have her moments of insanity and chaos. Ruby was put onto this show by her over-achieving parents, a lawyer and a teacher. They want her to get a good education, but they don't want to pay for it, plus it might drag her away from her dreams to become an author. She has a lot of life stories to tell, though she gets depressed rethinking them. She hates cats but this has nothing to do with anything.Too bad she was canclled

played by : Mia wasikowskaEdit



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