This article is about the friendship between Rosie and Sarah.


The friendship begins with the two teaming up on Chris Blinded Us With Science, the friendship will probably progress more as they're on the same team.

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Rosie and Sarah both introduce themselves to each other. Sarah admits to Rosie that she is a bit nervous about going into the forest, Rosie suggests that they team up even if they aren't on the same team. Rosie
CBUWS- Rosie and Sarah-Question Door

Rosie and Sarah at the question door.

admits that Sarah is fast when she runs off into the forest alone. After Sarah had run off, Rosie tells Jordan that she'll be going into the forest to look for her friend. Later, the two arrive at the question door. Although Sarah gets the question wrong, Rosie gets it right. The two friends then become part of The Drills team.


Sarah and Rosie share a room. Sarah seems excited to be a roomy with Rosie aswell as Amy. Amy doesnt seem too excited initially and explains that her brother Lee would never abandon someone in the forest alone. Sarah seems confused and Rosie explains that Amy is trying to say that Shane lied. Sarah begins to believe Amy, and panics that Shane will cause her elimination.

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After Rosie suggests teaming up, she goes on to say that they both may not be the fastest of the contestants, before she could finish her sentence Sarah accuses Rosie of calling her fat. Sarah runs off into the forest sobbing. Later Rosie and Sarah meet up in the forest, they encounter the Mutant Frog and run further into the forest but get split up in the meantime.


  • They're both on The Drills team.
  • This is the first friendship to have problems after the initial friendship is formed.
  • Both of their names have five letters.
  • So far the two appear to be opposites in terms of personality: Sarah is friendly, but weak-willed and ditzy; whereas Rosie is strong-willed and intelligent, but seems to be more cautious about who she gets to know.