This article is about the conflict between Rosie and Mike.

The beginning of the conflict.


This conflict is very minor as the only reason Rosie doesn't like Mike is because he wears sunglasses, calling guys who wear them "shady". Currently this seems to be a one sided conflict on Rosie's side as Mike tried to start a conversation on the bus when they were on there way to College.

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Rosie tells Mike that his face is a joke.

Total Drama CollegeEdit

Induction DayEdit

When Rosie and Mike arrive they are both arguing. Mike argues that he doesn't get why Rosie doesn't trust him as he only said "Hi" to her. Rosie says that she doesn't trust guys with glasses. She then continues to call Mike "shady". He asks if that is some kind of joke and she tells him that his face is a joke.


  • This is the first conflict to be between a boy and a girl.
  • Rosie's reason for not liking Mike is because of the fact that he wears sunglasses.