The original Total Drama College was supposed to be Total Drama College now, but was thrown away by the author to make the story better.

Audition TapesEdit



  • Many of the current cast participate in this season.
    • Amy, Crissie, Farmer Sam, Hannah, Jim, Jordan, Mody, Rosie, and Sarah participated.
  • The premise of the show and the location of the show stayed the same.
  • Many of the old characters resemble characters from the current cast.
    • Mary resembled Charlotte and James resembled Shane.
  • Many of the contestants still have many of the same personality traits as they do now.
    • Sarah still likes to make pots.
    • Mody is still homosexual.
    • Amy is still physically strong.
    • Farmer Sam still doesn't liked being called Farmer Sam.
    • Jordan is still arrogant.


  • Charlotte, Dave, Lee, Mike, and Shane did not particpate.
    • However, there were characters that resembled Shane and Charlotte.
  • The characters that did compete looked physically different and had different clothing designs.
  • Jim competed, but was named Chris.
    • He also was dating Liz in the original.
  • Chris did not host this season.
  • In this season, the bus is yellow, where as the real season, the bus is blue and white.
    • The original bus was also in very good shape unlike the current one which seems to be run down.
  • After page 18 the comic stops unlike the new version which continues past that point.
  • Amy and Crissie knew eachother out of the competition.