This article is about the conflict between Dave and Mody.
Dave Mody Armpit

Dave's armpit landing on Mody.


This conflict is mostly due to Dave's repulsive ways and stench; it is also sometimes caused by Dave's clumsiness, which usually causes him to fall on Mody. This is a one-sided conflict on Mody's side as Dave doesn't intentionally mean to gross out Mody or hurt him.

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Mody hopes he isn't in the same dorm as Dave.

Total Drama CollegeEdit

Induction DayEdit

The conflict started when Dave first arrived at campus. When Dave stepped off the bus he tripped and his armpit landed on Mody's face. Dave however apologized saying that he hasn't showered in three and a half months, causing Mody to vomit. When Chris announces that there will be dorm rooms, Mody looks at Dave (who discovered a cockroach in his underarm) and crosses his fingers that they won't be roommates.

Chris Blinded Us With Science

Dave gets Mody to go with him the forest as an apology for the previous chapter, though Mody is still not fond of Dave, he agrees. Whilst in the forest, Dave disgusts Mody with conversation until he is eaten by a frog. Mody runs away. The two are put on the same team afterwards.
Mody and dave in a dorm togheter

Dave and Mody share a dorm.


Mody explains to Jim that he dislikes Daves unhealthy ways. Mody is mad at Dave for not letting him sleep.
Mody wants dave voted off

Mody wants Dave to get eliminated


  • This was the first conflict of Total Drama College.
  • This conflict seems to be one-sided on Mody`s part.
  • Dave started the conflict.
  • Both students are on The Screwdrivers.
  • Both have a skull of their permanent attire, Dave on his arm and Mody on his shirt.