(The 2nd Episode Is) Chris Blinded Us With ScienceAftermath IAftermath IV
Aftermath lAftermath llAftermath lll
Chapters (Original Comic)CharlotteChris Blinded Us With Science (Original Comic)
Chris McLeanComiconopiaConnor
CoryCrissieCrissie-Charlotte Conflict
Crissie-Mike ConflictCrissieneutDave
Dear.godDixonDown, Down We Go!
EmmaEveryone-Charlotte ConflictEzekiel fans
FanartFarmer SamField Trip Fiasco
Fighting FratboysFinlayFood Pasting
Food pastingFreeze ItFright Night
Graduating The CollegeGraduating The College - Part 2Graduating the College - Part 1
Graduting the CollegeGrand Auto Private College To StopHannah
Hid and don,t stopInduction DayJack
JordenJosephJust Being The Host Of The Most
Keep MovingList of AnimalsList of Contestants Changes
List of SubjectsList of Total Drama College Episodes (Chapters)Liz
Liz-Jim FriendshipLiz (Total Drama College)Lulu
MalcolmModyMody-Dave Conflict
NelsonNikNo More Sleep, More Sports
No Run, Yes RaceNo run yes raceOllie
Original SeriesOriginal Total Drama CollegeOven To Bake
Over to bakePancake MayhemPen Writing
PiaPinchy CrabsQuiz Fizz
Radioactors (Original Comic)Robert LoupartRosie-Mike Conflict
Rosie-Sarah FriendshipRow, Row Your CarRuby
Sarah-Rosie FriendshipShane-Lee ConflictSprinklemist is a Bully!
Suspended In DisbeliefTDC Aftermath: ITamar
Team 2nd YearThe 1st YearThe Art Department
The CafeteriaThe CollegeThe College Of Rock
The Common RoomThe Councillor Confessional CameraThe Daredevil Dorms
The DiplomasThe DormsThe Elevator of Shame
The Elimination RoomThe Fighting FratboysThe Forest
The Help DeskThe ICT RoomThe Interns
The Question DoorThe Screaming SororityThe Theater Auditorium
The sixteen teensTinaTotal Drama College
Total Drama College AftermathTotal Drama College Elimination TableTotal Drama College Season 2
Total Drama College WikiTotal Drama College Wiki:Featured ArticleYou Can't See Me

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