Liz introduces herself and asks if Jim wants to team up with her.

This article is about the friendship between Jim and Liz in Total Drama College

Episodes ForEdit

Induction DayEdit

Liz smiles at Jim when he speaks sarcastically.

Chris Blinded Us With ScienceEdit

Liz introduces herself to Jim and asks him if he'll team up with her to go into the forest. She says that she's worried about what's in there. In response to this, he says that he hopes that there are dinosaurs in there. She doesn't understand what he's talking about so he explains that it would be really impressive to have dying from a dinosaur attack as an epitaph. She says that that's illogical because dinosaurs were wiped out 64 million years ago. Instead of responding to that comment, he just asks her if they're going to go into the forest or not. They go in the forest together. Later, they are both put on the Hammers.


  • This is the first friendship between a male and a female.
  • Both of their names have three letters.

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