Before and after of some contestants

Total Drama College had different versions, so, the style can change sometimes, and, the name can too. The most number of changes happened when it changed to first version to the second, many names and styles. See the contestants changes below:


Any changes yet.



Amy's original design

Amy's first design, she was blonde. The clothes were pretty different. In the second version, her hair changed to brown, and, it is revelead that she has a brother. Now, Amy wears the same clothes, with little changes, and, she gain a cap.


Just one change in her shoes in the current version.


Only clothes color changes in Version 3


Cory's first design


Cory was his first name, but in the comics, he was named Lee. Cory debuted in the second version, with a T-shirt and shorts. In the third version, his shorts changed color to blue.. Currently he wears totally different clothes, a shirt, a jacket, shorts and he has facial hair.


In Crssie's original design she had a a dark blonde hair and had a purple blouse and jeans. In the second version her hair was blonde. In the third version her blouse chenged to dark blue and currently, her blouse is light blue. Media:Example.ogg==Dave== Any changes yet. Media:Example


His hair appeared orange once, and his clothes are lighter