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This is a list of animals that live in The Forest, appear on Total Drama College.

Baboons Edit


The Baboons

Baboons were first seen in Chris Blinded Us With Science. The baboons were first seen by Cory and Hannah (although Hannah thought it was a dream). Drake then hears them talking about it. Cory then said they lost the monkeys, mistaking them. Hannah says there baboons. Cory then asks if Hannah is asleep or not.

Mutant Frogs Edit


Mutant Frog

The Mutant Frog was first seen in Chris Blinded Us With Science. The mutant frog are first seen when Ruby and Sarah are in the woods. When Sarah runs away, Ruby is tied up by the mutant frogs tongue. Farmer Sam then sees this and helps Ruby by biting the frogs tongue.

Gallery Edit



The rats

The Rats were first seen in Chris Blinded Us With Science, the rats seem to have ears, hands and their body parts attatched on to their back. One rat was seen by Drake. Shane tells the Rat to go away. Suddenly more rats huddle around the first rat. Shane is startled by the rats and says its time to run away. The rats chased him and bit him, giving him rabies.



The monkey.

A Monkey was first seen in Chris Blinded Us With Science, where it was smoking a cigarette. The Monkey was first seen by Hannah. While walking past it, the Monkey offers Hannah a smoke but she declines and keeps walking.

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