Screaming Sorority/Fighting Fratboys
Gender Male
Hair color blonde
Eye color Black
Episode Eliminated Grand Auto Private College To Stop

TBA Total Drama College Season 2

Place 4th

TBA Total Drama College Season 2

Friends Jim, Jorden, Hannah, Charlotte
Enemies Crissie, Mody, Pia , Cory,
Fear Rats, (with hands,) Toxic Waste

Drake labeled the Rich Weasel is a student at Total Drama College.


Drake seems like your ordinary guy with blonde hair, black eyes, a sniffy shirt, a cool hat, and snazzy shoes, but he's far from ordinary. This dude can single-handedly take over the world if he wanted to, and not get blamed for it! This little dude is such a royal pain when he walks through the door his parents bow down to him.

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Original Total Drama CollegeEdit

Originally his name was Shane but later changed to Drake.


Drake's original design

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Drake&#039;s audition

Drake's audition

played by Greg cipesEdit