Fighting Fratboys
Gender Male
Hair color Dark Blonde(possibly dyed) Like Stinky Dark White Green
Eye color Gray
Episode Eliminated Suspended In Disbelief
Place 20th
Friends None
Enemies Mody(one-sided on his side)

Dave, labeled The Football Drop Out, is a student in Total Drama College.


Dave is from New Jersey and used to be a former athlete and the star football quarter-back. Soon after highschool things slowed down, he became lazier and lazier and as a result lost his six-pack and got a gut that hangs out of his shirt. At his graduation he was completley mortified when one of the buttons on his shirt popped open and his bare belly was shown. His girl freind broke up with him thus cosing the weight gain. He seems to like his new-found gut as he is seen rubbing it and isn't afraid to show it off as he sleeps with his shirt off and is showing half of it in his tank-top. He also seems to dislike taking showes and likes his stench. Whenever someone comments about his gut he replies with a smile " just more of me to love" and lifts up his shirt to reveal his hairy chest and ball belly.

Played by Taylor KitschEdit

Original Total Drama CollegeEdit


Dave's original design


original idea lacked a couple of the things he does now. First of all, his head was originaly shaped circular but is now more square. One of his tatoo's is is diifferant ( the one on his left wrist). and lastly his gut and shirt. before it was a green shirt with a print and the sleves cut off. It also showed a little bit of his guts overhang. he know has facial hair and is wearing a green tank-top. He is also sturdier with a bigger gut and sweat marks on his arm-pits.