Fighting Fratboys
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Episode Eliminated Graduating the College

TBA Total Drama College Season 2

Place 2nd

TBA Total Drama College Season 2

Relationship Connor
Friends Connor, Amy, Mody
Enemies Charlotte, Drake

Crissie, labeled The Powerhouse, is a contestant in Total Drama College. Crissie is a genuinely nice, but when it comes to the competition she's in it to win it. She's known for being very assertive and ambitious, but can be intimidating at times driving people away from, except for Amy and Connor. Crissie ends up attracting the attention of Connor, and while at first she doesn't return the feelings she eventually developing feelings for him.


Audition TapeEdit

Original Total Drama CollegeEdit


Crissie's Original design


  • Crissie is a very independent girl.


played by Jessica diciccoEdit