Fighting Fratboys
Gender Female
Hair color Blond
Eye color Blue
Episode Eliminated Graduating the College

TBA Total Drama College Season 2

Place 2nd

TBA Total Drama College Season 2

Relationship Connor
Friends Connor, Amy
Enemies Charlotte, Lulu, Drake, Joseph

Crissie labeled the, "Super Competitor" is a contestant in Total Drama College. Crissie is very aggressive and has a lot of enemies on the show. Crissie really hates Charlotte and is her #1 enemy, and Crissie is a powerful player she has  Courtney's over-achievement and Dakota's selfishness. Crissie was also able to make an alliance with Connor & Amy. Crissie acts this way because she had a very strict father who taught her that she only needed to depend on her self, however, Amy and Connor were able to help Crissie reveal to her that was not the way to do things. At the finally Cridssie had lost interest in winning and she had forfeited the challenge and let Jorden win.


Audition TapeEdit

Original Total Drama CollegeEdit


Crissie's Original design


  • Crissie is a very independent girl.


played by Jessica diciccoEdit