Place College Student Team Merged/Non-Merged
1st Jordan The Daredevil Dorms
2nd Pia The Daredevil Dorms Merged
3rd Charlotte The Daredevil Dorms Merged
4th Drake The Fighting Fratboys Merged
5th Crissie The Fighting Fratboys Merged
6th Mody The Fighting Fratboys Merged
7th Connor The DareDevil Dorms Merged
8th Liz The Daredevil Dorms Merged
9th Dave The Fighting Fratboys Merged
10th Aled The Daredevil Dorms Merged
1st Eliminated Aled Was The Contestant Student (In 12th Place) After The Merge
11th Jim The Fighting Fratboys Non-Merged
12th Farmer Sam The Fighting Fratboys Non-Merged
13th Amy The Daredevil Dorms Non-Merged
14th Ruby The Fighting Fratboys Non-Merged
15th Cory The Daredevil Dorms Non-Merged
16th Hannah The Daredevil Dorms Non-Merged
17th Dixon The fighting fratboys Non-Merged
18th (In Episode 6) Joseph The Daredevil Dorms Non-Merged
19th Yuki The Fighting fratboys Non-Merged
20th Nik The fighting fratboys Non-Merged
21st Emily The daredevil Dorms Non-merged
22nd Tamar The daredevil dorms Non-Merged

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