• Fifirush


    June 21, 2013 by Fifirush

    Hi I am Fifirush you con call me Fifi.How like this wiki so replay c:

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  • Information Box

    Ruby was my favorite, and a lot of other people's favorite. We want her back! Comment if you agree!

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  • Total Drama Heather


    January 15, 2012 by Total Drama Heather

    i LOVE TDC

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  • Total Drama Heather


    January 15, 2012 by Total Drama Heather


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  • Ben109

    Herro There!

    August 3, 2011 by Ben109

    Hi my name is Ben109 I'm gonna join zhe wiki. I'll try to be on regularyly I will draw and upload my own stuff and comics on blogs. And if you want to see my art style I'll post it below tell me what you think.

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  • TheZobe


    August 3, 2011 by TheZobe

    Well, it's finally here! SORT OF.

    The first 10 pages are going to be released over the course of the next few days.

    As I continue to complete this 2 in 1 chapter. It's taking a while. So I'll give you the character intros.

    The comics will be on smackjeeves, but this wiki is under construction. There will be banners and such leading to the first page of each chapter, and the smackjeeves page leads back here for fanart and characters and that is under construction too. Enjoy whats there!

    Zobe out!

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  • Rhonda the stalker fan!

    So I noticed on Zobe's blog these pictures:

    These characters are the TDC interns and originally contestants in the old TDC. Sorry they aren't all in a line but I'm not the best at uploading images mostly because I hardly do it. I didn't see anyone else do a blog about them so I thought I would be ok to show them. If I breaking any rules or instructions from Zobe i'm extremely sorry and I had no idea. I just thought I'd post them so people could see them. I was also wondering if they should get pages. I know the season 2 contestants don't yet but their interns so should they be made pages? I now I'm not on here frequently but I check her about everyday and am a big TDC fan. These images belong to The Zobe and can be found on Zobe's devinart…

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  • TheZobe


    July 7, 2011 by TheZobe

    Name: Amy Prayor

    Likes: Her family.

    Dislikes: People hurting those close to her.

    Known for: Hurting all close to her by accident, also being very man-ish.

    Why TDC? To show she's strong, nice and able to get money to be a nurse!

    Amy has grown up in a home with five older brothers and their stressed out mother, due to this, Amy was thrown into many sibling scraps. Being surrounded by rowdy older brothers constantly has given Amy two traits, the first being she's very strong and athletic, though unfortunately she isn't all too aware how strong she is. The second is being the baby of the family, she has a somewhat child-like demeanor about her, which luckily has made her compassionate and loving, especially to her family. Amy auditioned for TDC in…

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  • Rockboy101

    Here who I think from Season 1 should come back for Season 2.

    My Top Three

    1. Jim. Ithink he's a big fan favorite and it would be great for the funny person to come back.

    2. Crissie. I want the Peaceful girl to comeback.

    3. Amy. I just think she funny.

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  • TheZobe

    Season 2

    June 30, 2011 by TheZobe

    Yes, we've planned season 2 already and yes, it's early. But TDC1 is completely thought out. Every elimination, relationship, conflict, challenge etc. SO planning 2 to be amazing whilst drawing 1 is a good plan.

    Some answers to some obvious questions.

    1) TDC2 is TDC but not Total Drama COLLEGE. It's Total Drama C_______ (something else)

    2) 6 contestants will be returning, I'm not saying who.

    3) These are once again loosely based off people I know.

    4) LABELS.

    Aled - The Private Student
    Dixon - The Geeky Weeabo
    Ellie - The Rocker Tomboy
    Jess - The Quiet Germaphobe
    Joseph - The Political Pest
    Nik - The Perfect Russian
    Pia - The Conspiracy Theorist
    Tamar - The Chillaxed Chick
    Yuki - The Over Optimistic

    Hope you enjoy! (TDC1's first chapter will probably be…

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  • TheZobe

    It begins...again

    June 27, 2011 by TheZobe


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  • LuluTDFan

    I love making predictions! So I thought that I'd make my first one for this series. I am also going to include Emma, Finlay, and Carolynn.

    Amy -I'm neutral towards Amy. She only amuses me sometimes. While her natural clumsiness is funny, I think it gets old after a while. In my opinion she is likely to go early.

    Carolynn -I honestly think she will be a funny character. I hope she will be a female Noah. And I hope that people don't dislike her.

    Charolette -Meh. She seems pretty funny at times, but the way she cuts off Crissie ALL the time is a bit unfair, in my opinion. I hope Zobe changes that a little. I think she will be good at challenges and she will stick around for a while. She's likely to go midway or far.

    Cory -I'm SO thankful for the na…

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  • TheZobe

    Moar stuff!

    May 19, 2011 by TheZobe

    Ok, so..update. Animator is now getting to work and episode 1 is in production, this takes time though. So you may be forced to wait a month to see episode 1. :)

    Anyways, due to reasons of possible profit on merch we MIGHT sell. We had to change the names of the contestants who look too much like their real counterparts. Characters names now are.

    Amy - Amy

    Charlotte - Charlotte

    Crissie - Crissie

    Dave - Dave

    Farmer Sam - Farmer Sam

    Hannah - Hannah

    Jim - Jim

    Jordan - Jordan

    Lee - Cory

    Liz - Liz

    Mike - Malcolm

    Mody - Mody

    Rosie - Ruby

    Sarah - Lulu

    Shane - Drake

    Team names are different too (oops lots of changes)

    Drills - Screaming Sorority

    Screwdrivers - Fighting Fratboys

    Hammers - Daredevil Dorms



    Charlotte - Ge…

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  • Owenandheatherfan

    Is this what I think it is?

    The TDC Official designs?!?! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D-:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

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  • TheZobe


    April 12, 2011 by TheZobe

    Ok, can't help posting here guys. Enjoy!

    and she STILL needs a voice!

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  • TheZobe

    New things happening

    April 3, 2011 by TheZobe

    Well, it's been a while. BUT THE WORK IS GETTING THERE NOW! THE CHARACTER MODELS ARE EASY TO POSE AND ANIMATE. AND WE'RE RELEASING THEM BIT BY BIT! So yeah! Voice clips are coming in, just need a Crissie, Hannah, Jordan and Amy. But we're moving forwards.


    You can still send clips to SOBERZOBER@HOTMAIL.COM or add me on MSN.

    Crissie - needs to be authoritive, mature and able to go whiny. Use lines from the comic.

    Amy - childish, lot of vocal range, think of Chowder from CN.

    Jordan - NOW AMERICAN OR CANADIAN, just voice what you think is right, we're open to anything

    Hannah - think Raven from Teen Titans for voice.

    Our animator, Henry who will be helping all my poses move after I set them up for animations (TRICKY BUSINESS) will be gettin…

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  • TheZobe


    March 4, 2011 by TheZobe
    I'm needing actors!

    Also, the designs are complete. Enjoy!

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  • TheZobe

    The comic

    February 26, 2011 by TheZobe

    Right, as it turns out. TDC may actually FINALLY be completely animated. As a friend has said he'd do it. Now, I need to draw the characters to animate and work on lots of stuff, if he bails, I continue the comic, simple as. But redesigning abounds for the animation. Plus if animation, Episode 3 will have SONGS.

    Here's some work I've done, I WILL post updates on progress here, comment for what you'd like to see, opinions, questions etc. I will get to you :)

    ~ Zobe out!

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  • TheZobe

    New art and VIDEO

    February 1, 2011 by TheZobe

    Ok, lots of stuff. Comics will be down in creation, cause Im sorting animations and shiz out so, you know. THIS MIGHT STILL BE ANIMATED, here's a test animation reel I made (only small) and it's SLIIGHTLY spoilerish but here.

    So yeah, this took a little bit, but I'm getting the hang of animating a bit more, just need to work on walking and more body movement now.



    ~ Zobe out


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  • TheZobe


    January 25, 2011 by TheZobe

    So, a lot of you may have noticed I have redrawn Induction Day. I'm also currently working on Chris Blinded Us With Science, and yes, every character has been drawn differently. I will say the changes.

    EVERYONE - Smaller heads, more proportionate, outlines fixed.

    Amy - Slightly taller.

    Charlotte - new torso, bigger breasts, thinner face, longer hair.

    Crissie - Larger breasts, thinner torso, thinner legs, taller, longer hair.

    Dave - Shorter.

    Farmer Sam - Wardrobe change, shorter.

    Hannah - New torso, larger breasts, wider hips, longer, thinner legs, taller.

    Jim - taller.

    Jordan - Bluer hair.

    Lee - Shorter, new shorts.

    Liz - Taller, Wider hips, shorter torso, new legs, redrawn body.

    Mike - thinner, sideburns instead of mutton chops, wider sunglasses.


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  • Rhonda the stalker fan!

    OK so I wrote a post earlier and clicked save but its not here. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I'll have to post this weekend when I have more time.

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  • TheZobe

    I make a return

    January 11, 2011 by TheZobe

    Hey guys, sorry for the inactivity, it's been a mix of holiday madness, general busyness, a broken keyboard and a few deaths in the family making me go a bit inactive, but I'm back now so expect some comics, don't worry, I havn't forgotten about you! :) Anyways since I'm here now, I have to go to college soon, so I'l just give you some poses.

    aaaand have some backgrounds

    and here, have one of the TDC Aftermath hosts, Introducing.


    Hope you like, also some people wonder where my username "Zobe" comes from, Zobe is my main character from my other comics, though they aren't running now, he's my main character. This is him.

    ~ Zobe out!

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  • TheZobe

    Some updates

    December 17, 2010 by TheZobe

    Hey everyone, sorry it's been so long. I'll get those backgrounds up for you soon, and page 2 is on it's wa. Some stuff been going on here lately. For one, we have got SO much snow here, it's insane. I'm sat in college with a nice hot cuppa tea though, playing music on the computers, so it's all goooood. In other news I'll be interviewing the people the TDC cast were based on, so please, post questions you want answered to each person here. I'll put them up when they're done. So, I'll need your feedback on that. The Hannah figurine still needs vote to be made, so please go and vote for me, we need as many as possible!

    No images this time since I'm in college. but Carolyn, Finlay and Emma will be revealed soon, so tell me what you want to…

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  • Reddude

    Predictions yadda.

    December 7, 2010 by Reddude

    Hi, guys! Reddy here, making my own little rankings! xD ‘Kay, soLee is revealed to be our first drop-out (Why refer to the master as a loser? Besides, I like drop-out better.) So, based on that, these ranking will be from 14th place an on. These are MY opinions. You have an opinion of your own or disagree with me? Make a different blog. Anywho, onward.

    14th Place: Crissie

    Next episode is Radioactors. Crissie seems like the actress type, so she’d probably try to lead the Screwdrivers to victory, but ultimately fails. Plus, this would open some head-on-head conflict with Charlotte and Shane, seeing as Shane judge Lee before his elimination.

    13th Place: Amy

    The Screwdrivers will lose again in history, considering three of its members aren’t too …

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  • TheZobe


    December 6, 2010 by TheZobe

    Well, a lot of you are wondering about TDC aftermath. Chapter 7 is the first. After the first 6 eliminations. Yes. 6. So, the hosts. There's 3. Finlay, Carolyn and Emma! =3

    You want to see them? This is all you get for now, draw your theories etc. I'd like to see what you guess. but for now! Here they are!

    cant wait to see your guesses :D -- Zobe Total Drama College, the Comic! 05:22, December 6, 2010 (UTC)

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  • TheZobe

    Chapter 3

    December 5, 2010 by TheZobe

    Hey! I'm working on the front cover for Chapter 3 as we speak. It will have Mody, Liz, Jordan, Hannah, Rosie and dominantly, Sarah on it. So hope you look forward to that. I hope y'all liked Chapter 2, and though I find it hard to reply, I LOVE all the feedback you guys give, it keeps me going X3

    Anyway, it's not totally animated, but here's an animatic for the BEST OF LEE

    Since a lot of you like to make your own stuff, I'll add the elimination room backgrounds for y'all, honestly, if you want to see anything like poses etc. Just ask and I'll update!

    As for recolouring my characters for yourselves and stuff like that, go RIGHT ahead, I just ask that you show me what you've done and give credit. Thanks so much guys! Hope you liked the eliminat…

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  • Toadgamer80

    Well, I was bored, so I decided to make an elimination prediction. But be warned: THERE BE SPOILERS.

    All right, so for the first challenge, Lee was eliminated.

    15th place: Lee.

    The next challenge is about acting, and Zobe has already made a "Coming Soon" mini-comic. It looks like either Mike, Amy or Sarah will be out in this one. Well, since she is my favorite character, I refuse to admit Sarah is going to be eliminated in this episode. (Yes, I'm stubborn like that) So, I think the Screwdrivers will lose, and Amy will be eliminated. (Mike is the co-author of the comic, so he can't be eliminated this early)

    14th place: Amy.

    Next up is Food Pasting, some sort of history challenge. By now, the Drills is the only team without an elimination, so I thi…

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  • TheZobe

    Future Chapters

    December 1, 2010 by TheZobe

    Hey everyone, thanks for being patient with me. I've got some stuff to do and such so it may be a bit slow. but I'll try my best :D

    Anyway, with this chapter getting closer to the end, I think I'll give a preview of the chapter to be c:

    Oh, and I saw someone ask, so I'll answer. Yes, there will be two Aftermaths. After 6 contestants are eliminated each time. the 6th challenge is ICT (Computer technology) and the hosts of Aftermath are Finlay and Carolyn! Hope you look forward to it!

    ~ Zobe

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  • TheZobe

    Ok guys, what's up. Chapter 2 should be done in a week or so! Anyways for now, I'm part of a website where if designs you make are popular enough, they get made into figurines and sold online. I'm putting up the TDC cast. But for this to work, I'm going to need ALL of you guys to help! :D

    I'm submitting only 5 at a time. So there will be 3 sets, but here's what I've put forward.

    Jordan is being held back to 2nd set. But I need YOU guys to sign up to and vote for the characters and give your support. They only get made if there's enough attention given. When Mike, Mody, Rosie, Sarah and Hannah's support is done. I'll add the next 5: Dave, Jordan, Crissie, Charlotte, Jim.

    My username is Zobe. So become a fan of me so…

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  • TheZobe


    November 16, 2010 by TheZobe

    College deadline friday and a lotta work to do so the next update will have to be later this week, possibly the weekend. Sorry guys, but you have just had a burst of comics so hope you're happy with that :D Thanks for editing!

    Um, LOT of questions about the characters been I guess I'll put up some trivia!

    Hannah Roberts is 17

    Jim Richards is 19

    Jordan Davis is 16

    Lee Prior is 21

    Liz Barton is 16

    Amy Prior is 16

    Crissie Jones is 17

    Dave Jarman is 24

    Mike Mattucci is 19

    Mody Ringer is 16

    Charlotte Bray is 18

    Farmer Sam Pritchard is 18

    Rosie Vernon is 17

    Sarah Bumford is 18

    Shane Guineay is 18

    As for the people they are based on. (Remember Jordan's character was turned from black to white due to racial complaints)

    Anyways, hope you like that!


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  • TheZobe

    Ok, thanks to those of you who waited! TDC is now back, and to come back with a bang. 10 new pages of chapter 2 are now up AND COUNTING :D

    We'll soon be past our first elimination!

    With TDC back, I judged the contest, to see the results, simply go here

    Now, about this wiki. I need you guys to update pages, edit lots and to keep everything up to date, since if I do it, there's less time for me to make comics. So all help is appreciated, that includes making pages for conflicts, friendships and new animals seen in the series. Updating the character pages too.

    Hope you enjoy! Thanks!

    Zobe out~

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  • TheZobe


    October 17, 2010 by TheZobe

    Skip to 1:09 and you may see a couple of girls fighting in 3D IN VIDEO GAME FORMAT

    TDC is on a current hiatus to allow me to make some money, find a job and catch up with college work sorry! Ill try and update whenever possible here! Sorry! :D

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  • Jake R

    Give Zobey a break please

    October 6, 2010 by Jake R

    Hi Tdifan24 in the house. Alright. Lately i`ve been seeing users saying "c`mon zobe where`s the comic" or "it`s been forever". I need to say a few things about that. One, Zobey is sick. We all get sick. Two, how would you like it if you were doing a looney tunes comic and Zobe told you to hurry up. Third, it`s disrespect. Fourth, I wanna see the comic to but at least I can wait. All i`m saying is we`ll ban you if we have too. Just please chill out. Thank you Tdifan24

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  • Comicstrip2000

    Sorry for my recent inactiveness, I have been away on holidays in New Zealand too visit family and friends. While in New Zealand I pretty much had no internet access due to my dad being a computer hog and his computer is so slow a grandma could walk faster than it (I dunno if that makes sence but it sounded funny in my head, lol) I've been back home for the last 3 days but I came back with gastro which was horrible! (Wont go into me you dont want to know!) Anyway im back now, so I'll wait patiently for the next comic is out so we can all do some serious editing! So yeah that's it for MY LIFE UPDATE xD just thought I'd let you know why! -- Comistrip2000 talk|page 05:22, September 30, 2010 (UTC)

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  • TheZobe


    September 27, 2010 by TheZobe

    I was unexpectedly taken away all weekend by Jordan so the next comic isnt up yet, but as a warm up, I did a bit of TDC/TD crossover!


    Anyways, I'm off to bed, night! -- Zobe Total Drama College, the Comic! 00:12, September 27, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Jake R

    I`ve been thinking and....

    September 25, 2010 by Jake R

    Dear TDCWIKI Users and Dakotacoons,

    I`ve been thinking and I am gonna leave the wiki or at least be inactive. You know why? School that`s why! 7th grade is killing me. School, Problems with family, and my fanfiction (Total Drama Camping) are keeping me from here, although no one reads my story. So if you need me always contact me by talkpage. I`ll be in the IRC but not as much. I also have to work on an entire wiki because somebody here is an admin on FF wiki who banned me. I`m not gonna say who (Shane) but i`m over it. I will basically be working with school and my stories. I`m sorry to tell you this. Please come to the wiki to

    Wiki link:



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  • TheZobe

    And he lives!

    September 23, 2010 by TheZobe

    Sorry, I've been sort of inactive lately due to college and..well...panic attacks, allergic reactions, bugs, toothache, throwing up, ingrown toenail and lack of sleep. ITS BEEN A FUN COUPLE OF WEEKS TT.TT

    Anyway, the next comic will be up soonish! I just need to play catchy up in college and I'll get right on it! Sorry for the wait and thanks for staying loyal!

    ~ Zobe

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  • TheZobe


    September 14, 2010 by TheZobe

    Sorry, no comic today, I've not been well lately...allergic reactions, panic attacks, gout in the arms and the flu (FUN TIMES) but I have made a new wallpaper for y'all! Enjoy!

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  • TaloDB

    Possible TDC Couples! Part 1?

    September 12, 2010 by TaloDB

    Well... TDC is just starting and I'm pretty sure each chapter will be more awesome than the previous one! And as there are no official couples for now, I think it's time to do what fans love to do: To rumor couples!

    In my opinion, the weirdest couple of all, and the most hinted also. Charlotte had been giving Sam several good looks and smiles during the entire episode 1. Also, Sam in one of the few contestants that hadn't shown some kind of annoyance due to Charlotte's comments. Although Sam doesn't look impressed by Charlotte (He even looks uncomfortable with Charlotte staring at him in the cover of ID), he will probably see the good side of being with Charlotte (or being her friend, at least). As well as those two keep inside the game (wh…

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  • The Cartoon

    I wasn't going to make a full prediction since we don't know much, but if I made a Total Drama Reloaded prediction from logic without even knowing the characters completely, I can make a TDC prediction. This will be really detailed so prepare for a long read.

    First off, I can make a few observations. There are 15 contestants and 3 teams.

    Screaming Sorority: Charlotte, Farmer Sam, Rosie/Ruby, Sarah/Lulu, Shane/Drake. (3 girls, 2 guys)

    Fighting Fratboys: Amy, Crissie, Dave, Mike/Connor, Mody (3 guys, 2 girls)

    Daredevil Dorms: Hannah, Jim, Jordan, Lee/Cory, Liz (3 guys, 2 girls)

    With this information I can assume that a girl will leave first from the sorority, and a guy will leave first from the Fratboys and Dorms. In addition, I can assume that a…

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  • LandryC

    15th-Jordan (his bragging will due him in)

    14th-Hannah (she didn't wanna be there in the first place!)

    13th-Shane (he may only speak like once or twice than give some rant about how useless everyone on his team is before he's voted off)

    12th-Dave (Mody might have had enough of his lack of being clean)

    11th-Sarah (her team might get annoyed with her complaining)

    10th-Lee (he might wimp out in a challenge causing his team to lose or getting seriously injured)

    9th-Liz (I have nothing against her, but she may annoy Chris to no end causing him to kick her out)

    8th-Jim (might be a possible ememy to Charlotte since he's a judgemental person and she hates judgemental people)

    7th-Amy (she might end up as a possible threat and be eliminated)

    6th-Crissie (as …

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  • TheZobe

    Some poses and stuff!

    September 9, 2010 by TheZobe

    It's been a bit too quiet around the site, so whilst I'm suffering from allergies here, I'll show off some stuff for you guys!

    First off some poses from comics to come!

    Now an entire frame (without words) of a future comic, I tried perspective out and the first was obviously inspired by Gwen of TDWT from the TDWT episode of the amazon. Hope y'all like!.

    Chapter 2 coming soon!

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  • Ben109

    Induction Day Review!

    September 7, 2010 by Ben109

    Okay cause I'm a critical person I'm gonna do reviews! Don't judge me. Also I'll have a seprate message at the bottom. Sif you wiki snappy comments read!

    Okay the opening sounded like Chris. I mean when He laughed I'm like does he know this dude? Hannahs fatal attempt to leave was hilarious and her just sleeping on the ground was great!. Chris's Alrighty then was win. Jordan gloating and ten just falling onto the ground was epic. Jim came in randomly but made points from that right over with some epic lines.Mody is just like me overly enthusiastic ands trips at random points. I wonder if he's in the club? ANywhoot. Jim made me laugh Again. Jim will be an easy fAN FAVORITE. Dave sort of grosses me out in a funny way. Yet he should tone it do…

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  • TheZobe

    Admin wanted.

    September 7, 2010 by TheZobe

    Ok, I do not want to own this site, I simply want to put the comics up for you, a community led by the community is an idea to me.

    However, I dislike people copying things from TDWIKI and adding them here, that isn't allowed guys, and is causing some arguements.

    Now, I want someone to stand up as head admin with Dakota, seeing as we need a firm hand, someone who's fair, mature and able to handle power, please tell me if you can. and to always edit and attract more users, tell me why you think you should be.

    Thank you

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  • LandryC

    Total Drama World Tour Redux!

    September 7, 2010 by LandryC

    Hey everyone check out my wiki

    this is also my very first story! so please read it, comment on it and help me out with certain things

    thanx! Harley+Mody=AWSM!!!~Total Drama College RULES!?! 04:57, September 7, 2010 (UTC)

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  • TheZobe

    All to come!

    September 6, 2010 by TheZobe

    Page one of CBUWS shall be coming soon! So I hope you enjoy it when it does!

    Thanks to everyone for making this wiki, editing it, joining the irc and helping it really become a nice, friendly community. It's highly appreciated! Keep up the good work guys, this chapter is gonna be full of some twists! :)

    I'm off to bed early tonight as college is sucking the life out of me slowly but I'll be putting some new poses up tomorrow.

    Bye guys! -- Zobe Total Drama College, the Comic! 19:40, September 6, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Jake R

    Congratulations TDCWIKI

    September 6, 2010 by Jake R

    Hello TDCWIKI users.

    I am very happy for all of our hardwork done to our super cool awesome fantastic wiki. We recently made it through our first episode and it looks great. I can`t wait for the next episode. Also you guys rock for helping out. I was thinking we should have guessing contest and what the next subject in an episode would be. Who agrees. It doesn`t matter wheter your a rollback, admin or regular user. As long as you edit good your cool here. There`s also no such thing as a bad edit, other then vandalism O.o. Anyway also i`m gonna try to make a forum where you can put your username down under who you think is gonna win. Only one though. Then we will see who wins. I`m supporting Liz, my favorite. But you can do who you think is …

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  • Comicstrip2000

    Okay so recently I was looking around in the featured sections and so far almost no-one has voted for any featured (Image, User or Article). The features part of the wiki is an important part of the wiki community and I would appreciate if you all check there regularly so you can vote oppose or support thankyou, also I would like to congratulate everyone to getting this wiki started obviously we are a long way away from the TDWIKI standards but were on our war there so keep editing daily and maybe you'll be one of next featured users! -- CS2000 Talk to me any time :D 00:47, September 5, 2010 (UTC)

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  • TheZobe

    Total Drama College contest!

    September 3, 2010 by TheZobe


    I've decided to make a contest, first to get you interested as it's what you care about most of course, THE PRIZES!!

    FIRST PLACE Full Total Drama style scene with a maximum of 4 characters,an expression sheet of your TD OC along with a full body shot. Also, a TDC cameo for one character.

    SECOND PLACE 3 custom poses, an Expression sheet and full body shot of your TD OC

    THIRD PLACE an expression sheet and full body shot of your TD OC.

    The contest? Draw a picture of something TDC related, any amount of characters, with any other character. Winners wont just be voted on drawing talent but also storyline and imagination.

    DEADLINE - October 1st.

    Hope to see some entries soon! :D -- Zobe Total Drama College, the Comic! 0…

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  • Jake R

    Some things I need to say

    September 2, 2010 by Jake R

    Hey it`s buddy Jake (Tdifan24). Alright here`s my rant. Even if you spell Counsillor as Counselor in your country, like me, were leaving it as Councillor because the comic is from UK and that`s how you spell it. So i ask you no changing please. If you have any questions, contact a rollback/admin. Thank you. Jake signing off.



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